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Kindergarten marks an important transition from preschool to the primary level. We encourage the growth of children’s self esteem, their cultural identities, independence and individual strengths. Children at this stage possess an innate curiosity. We try our level best to create an environment that not only satisfies this curiosity but motivates them to excel from a very young age, by engaging them in activities of lasting value. We seek to provide an atmosphere that stimulates them both intellectually and physically.

At Vidya Niketan, children have access to various activities throughout the day. Be it block building, play acting, picture books or paintings, teachers ensure that not only are the children kept busy but are engaged in productive activities that stimulate thinking and hone creative skills.

Children learn numbers and the alphabet phonetically, and in the context of everyday experiences. They also experiment with cooking, and even play the role of a teacher by taking attendance, and minding the class occasionally. When they are outdoors they explore the world of nature or simply play with each other, developing healthy relationships and interactive skills. While we believe that play is extremely important in promoting holistic development of a child, at the same time, the curriculum is never compromised. Most of our teaching is customized to individual needs as both teachers and educators alike realize that personalities and learning abilities differ.

All this is done to make sure that children do not drag their feet to school. That they enjoy school life, while learning life skills and imbibing a comprehensive education that will equip them to meet the many challenges they will face as adults.